TRX shows up in the training rooms of 24 of the 32 teams in the NFL. TRX head of human performance, Chris Frankel, spent this past weekend at the NFL Combine to demonstrate new applications for the TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer to coaches. TRX’s Tim Bourke attended with Frankel. As a 4 year letter winner from Illinois, Bourke knows the importance of functional training for football and the ins and outs of preparing athletes for competition.
The Combine is an opportunity for top Football athletes to demonstrate their tactical, technical and fitness related skills to the shot callers in the league. It is also an opportunity for the best training technology to get in front of the Strength and Conditioning, as well as, the Athletic Training decision makers in the league. In this world, new gear and techniques only make the cut when they can deliver results that translate into wins in one of the most physically demanding sports on the face of the planet.
Frankel provided coaching tips and hands-on demos to coaches who already incorporate Suspension Training and Rip Training into their programs. He also showed coaches new to TRX what TRX training can do for their players and how Suspension Training and Rip Training can be used to develop foundational strength and rotational power. Frankel’s tips on how to use the Suspension Trainer for mobility and movement preparation exercises resonated with coaches as did demos showing how both the Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer are powerful tools for reinforcing movement patterns as corrective strategies before, during and after traditional strength, power and agility-specific training for football.
Every athlete and every team is looking for that extra edge in performance. The NFL Combine again underscored that coaches and players at the highest levels of sporting competition turn to TRX to optimize their training and performance while enhancing durability to keep their players in the game.