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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Train like a Madman

Push the limit, take a chance, and go for it this New Year.  You will see a lot of individuals purchasing gym memberships, gun ho for the first month then abruptly stop going after week 2.  This is the usual scenario but how can you change this for yourself.  Body weight training in your living room can be your answer.  A proper cardio and nutrition program along with this core work out below is a great start to your new year.  Be sure to consult a physician before beginning any training program.

7 minute easy abdominal circuit:
Legs up 90 degree Crunch x 20
Butterfly crunch x 20
Leg up 90 degree reaches x 20
Straight leg dolphin kicks x 100
Leg pistons x 50
Bicycle crunch x 50
Front Plank hold- 4 minutes total
Hold out left arm 10 sec
Hold out right arm 10 sec
Hold up right foot 10 sec
Hold up left foot 10 sec
Hold Opposite Arm /leg 10 sec
Hold Opposite Arm/leg 10 sec
Side plank star hold 15 sec
Side plank star hold opposite side 15 sec
Spiderman x 2 each side
Push up to plank x 8
8 push ups

Special Thanks to Coach Holleran for designing this killer core workout

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